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InTouch Health offers health systems the ability to increase patient transfers, improve physician experience, develop consistent clinical workflow, create a reliable network, and fill specialist coverage gaps all on our secure, reliable and scalable telehealth network.

  • 4x Treatment Rates Up
  • 100%Specialist Productivity Up
  • 16x Specialist Access Up
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high-quality patient care

Clinicians and service line directors are focused on providing high-quality care through a best-practice clinical workflow that drives revenue and improves patient outcomes. They are increasingly faced with the challenge of providing more specialty services to larger geographies of patients, all while maintaining quality and satisfaction. Not to mention needing the ability to scale and maintain a consistent clinical workflow across all locations.

InTouch Health addresses all of these challenges while providing the opportunity for clinical teams to provide high-quality patient care while driving business objectives. Similarly, telehealth can offer physicians a higher quality of life and more face time with their patients while reducing administrative burdens.

Fill Coverage Gaps

With the growing adoption of telehealth as an alternative to providing specialty consultations, groups of physicians known as Physician Service Organizations have begun forming to provide remote care across the United States. This offering now allows a hospital to combat the gaps in physician coverage that exists, whether rural, community-based, or urban.

InTouch Health Physician Capacity Management (PCM) completes the total telehealth solution when health systems need to fill physician shortages. Our PCM enables health systems to increase patient access to high-quality care through service delivered by a network of physicians encompassing multiple specialties and incorporating standardized clinical best practices. With a proven track record in enabling customers to meet strategic goals for telehealth, InTouch PCM allows hospitals with gaps in physician coverage to overcome this barrier and begin seeking new opportunities to capture market share and provide high quality patient care anywhere, anytime.

Ease of Use

A successful telehealth program depends on clinician adoption and use. Clinicians want to make and keep a connection the first time. We boast an industry leading 99% uptime and connection success rate, ensuring your consults will work each and every time.

Similarly, we have designed our telehealth platform so that the user experience is as simple and intuitive as possible. With single sign-on capability, we make it easy to access audio/visual communication, patient data, and medical imaging. Our built-in collaboration tools allow access to multiple providers and staff to coordinate care in real time. InTouch Provider Access Software can be downloaded to many iOS or Windows device, offering clinician’s unprecedented levels of convenience, ease of use, and mobility, making it possible to connect on demand. 


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How InTouch Health Solves These Challenges & Addresses Your Business Goals

Clinical providers need a telehealth solution that is easy to use and works every time. InTouch Health has a proven track record of physician adoption and connection success rate, keeping your attention on the patient, rather than the technology.

Implementation and Training

Clinical leaders need a telehealth solution and vendor that will work with them to ensure success via onboarding, training, and implementation. As the core drivers of a telehealth program, the clinical team needs a partner that will provide streamlined implementation and training services to build and grow their programs.

InTouch Health provides professional implementation services to work with key stakeholders to guide the implementation of technology to align with our customer's strategy. Our professional services assist in the transformation of care delivery through telehealth and ensure the success of our customer’s telehealth programs. We offer professional planning and implementation services and have developed a proven methodology to have your program up and running in 30 days or less. Guaranteed!

Meet Clinical Challenges

Clinical leaders need a solution that meets the challenges of their clinical environments. Our devices and software are purpose built for the types of environments they will be used in with features such as echo cancelling microphones for noisy ERs, 12x zoom cameras for clear visual aid, and patient imaging, documentation, and reporting ensuring providers are not encumbered by not being in the same location as their patients.

Scales Across Service Lines And Continuum Of Care

When comparing telemedicine vendors, it is important to understand where on the continuum they provide services. Are they strictly a consumer solution, do they operate in the acute space, or are they an enterprise solution that offers a complete end-to-end solution?

A true telehealth enterprise solution like InTouch provides offerings across multiple service lines across the continuum of care. An enterprise-wide telehealth strategy typically aims to unify an entire health system onto a single telehealth network, allowing patients to receive virtual care anywhere, by any clinician, at any time, no matter the condition or severity.

Patient Satisfaction

By reducing costs via telehealth, patients will take advantage of the decreased travel distance and costs that eat up much of their time and budgets. Also, by increasing patient access to specialists, clinicians can provide the right care the first time, further decreasing the patient burden of seeing numerous providers, spread out across the region. In short, by aligning patient care with the most appropriate care setting, everyone wins, leading to happier patients and providers.

Treatment Success

Many providers worry that by being in separate locations that their patients, treatment success and satisfaction may suffer. However, telehealth can improve both these facets. Patients will can advantage of the decreased travel distance and cost benefits that telehealth provides, and receive

One way to improve the quality of care is getting the right patients in front of the right provider. With telehealth, specialist productivity can improve 100%, increase specialist access 16x, treatment rates increase 4x, and improve treatment speed 6x. [1]

1] Based on InTouch Health customer data.

Frequently Asked Clinical Questions

How do I get in touch with colleagues who are using and having success with telehealth?

Ask your telehealth vendor about references who can talk to you about how they have built their telehealth programs. Also, refer to industry leading publications, like KLAS, to find out who is performing well. Finally, there are many telehealth events throughout the year and the annual American Telemedicine Association Conference is a great place to network and learn more.

The InTouch Health Value
InTouch Health has a broad customer base of more than 130 leading health systems offering telehealth services in over 30 different specialties. We can show you the results of these programs and put you in touch with your colleagues to learn more.

How long does telehealth implementation take?

Telehealth implementation is a process, but it doesn’t need to take that long! There are some basic steps that need to be considered, including clinical planning, physician alignment, program marketing, and technology installation. Talk to your telehealth vendor about having your program up and running in as little as 30 days.

The InTouch Health Value
InTouch Health has performed telehealth installations at more than 1,750 locations acrossmore than 130 health systems. We have developed a proven methodology and can have your program up and running in 30 days or less. Guaranteed!

Is telehealth secure and reliable?

A true telehealth solution will be both secure and reliable. A video conferencing system that is being used as a telehealth solution may not be. You need to ensure that your solution has the appropriate levels of encryption and that the connectivity system has safeguards for redundancy and failover to ensure adequate uptime and connectivity success.     

The InTouch Health Value
InTouch Health is designed for healthcare and exceeds security standards. We have worked through complex security reviews with leading health systems and have redundancy and failover systems in place to ensure our solutions are reliable and work when you need them.

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