What is Teleneonatology?

Teleneonatology has developed over the past years to allow pediatric specialists to provide virtual care to newborn infants direct into neonatal intensive care units (NICU), typically in less urban areas. Often times, newborns suffering complications that are life threatening require transport to access specialist care. With the advent of telehealth, neonatologists are now able to get to the patient’s bedside in minutes and provide life-saving treatments, when time is of the utmost importance.

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Although regionalization of neonatal intensive care is associated with improved outcomes, implementation has been difficult because of increased deliveries of sicker neonates in smaller nurseries. Telemedicine has been used successfully for medical care and education but it has never been utilized to modify patterns of delivery in an established state network.

R Whit Hall, MD, Julie Hall-Barrow, EdD, and Edgar Garcia-Rill, PhD
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InTouch Teleneonatology Solution

Through the InTouch Health Network, customers are able to connect care givers to remote hospitals to provide virtual care. By leveraging a suite of products and services, including medical devices, apps, and workflow tools, hospitals have developed teleneonatology programs to provide specialists access to newborns in a matter of minutes. Our complete end-to-end offering has been leverage to connect hospitals across vast geographies and close the gap on access to care.

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Results / Benefits

Leveraging telemedicine for neonatology services has allowed our customers to:

  •  Provide remote services, such as neonatal resuscitation
  • Expedite transport and placement of patients that require intensive or special care services
  • Increase the possibility that families can take their babies home from the hospital sooner

A group of physicians at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles performed a study on the feasibility of utilizing telemedicine on neonates in the NICU, and found that it was indeed feasible. 

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Benefits of InTouch Health Telehealth Solutions

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TeleICU, or TeleCritical Care, has become a way for hospitals and health systems to more effectively provide intensivist-led care into the ICU.

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Telebehavioral health, or telemental health, has emerged as the fastest growing initiative among hospitals and health systems in recent years.

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