Telehealth Across The Entire Continuum Of Care

Acute Care

High Acuity Care When It's Needed Most

Making high-stakes, critical decisions under urgent conditions places demands on technology to work flawlessly, every time, with excellent visual and auditory control even amidst noise and action. The physician needs ready access to patient information, via computer or mobile device. 

InTouch Health has become the leader in  acute care telehealth solutions by developing a platform that works all the time. When patient care is emergent, reliability and quality cannot be compromised. Over 1600 hospitals in the United States have adopted InTouch Health solutions to provide care and consultations for acute patients across a host of key clinical use cases, including:

  • Emergent Consults
  • EMS Transport
  • Critical Care
  • Inpatient Management
  • Surgical Mentoring


InTouch Health works with customers throughout the world and has helped customers develop more than 30 different types of clinical programs, across the care continuum. 

Dignity Health White Paper

The Dignity Health Model for Effective TeleICU Coverage through technology enabled service.

Michigan Stroke Case Study

Creating Value and Sustainability with a 31-site Neuroscience Network Spanning the State of Michigan.

Post-Acute Care

Following Patients After Their Hospital Stay

By improving care continuity and coordination between primary and acute care providers and those who support the patient’s recovery, telehealth can improve outcomes and reduce readmissions. For health systems and ACO's managing bundled payments, telehealth is a powerful tool. The challenge: this often requires connections outside of a health system structure with the need to navigate different IT and medical record structures to deliver effective care — either on demand or on a schedule.

As healthcare shifts from pay-for-service to pay-for-value, health systems are becoming more responsible for patients after leaving the hospital. Reducing readmissions and tracking patient outcomes are the highest priority for healthcare administrators. InTouch Health has worked to provide comprehensive solutions that allow health systems to address these challenges through telehealth. Health systems are considering key clinical uses case in the post-acute space, including:

  • Post-Acute Follow Up
  •  Skilled Nursing Readmission Management
  • At-Home Monitoring 


InTouch Health works with customers throughout the world and has helped customers develop more than 30 different types of clinical programs, across the care continuum. 

Pinnacle Health Case Study

Pinnacle Health System reduces readmissions with telehealth. Learn more.

Dignity Health Webinar

Mr. Jim Roxburgh and Dr. Jason Close will discuss the role that Telehealth plays across the health system enterprise.

Community Based Care

Virtual Care Throughout The Community

With telehealth, health system providers have direct access into the community to support the ongoing health needs of patients/consumers. Technology must deliver high reliability over cellular broadband to consumer devices, gather patient data from numerous health applications, and document the care delivered in a patient’s health record.

Telehealth applications are continuing to grow outside the four walls of the hospital. Health systems are looking to deliver programs to intersect their patients earlier in the care continuum, where illness is less acute. By seeing patients sooner, health systems can properly triage patients, resulting in lower health care costs. Health systems are looking for strategies around leading applications, including:

  • Primary Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Urgent Care
  • Patient Transport


InTouch Health works with customers throughout the world and has helped customers develop more than 30 different types of clinical programs, across the care continuum. 

Explore Our Enterprise Offering

Telemedicine continues to be a top strategy for customers and InTouch Health now offers a complete end-to-end offering for your enterprise telemedicine needs. From a single platform we can connect any physician to any location across your enterprise. Building from our network that enables over 200,000 high acuity consults per year, we enable our customers to scale their programs across multiple service lines and endless locations.

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