Listening Drives Innovation

October 22, 2015 by By InTouch Health

We listen closely to telehealth analysts and observers because they help us – and the industry in general – meet expectations and remain forward-looking.

Almost a year ago, Chirag Patel from New York-based incubator Highnote Foundry cited three things that need to happen for telehealth use to expand:

Here’s how InTouch measures up in these three categories:

  • Combining virtual diagnosis and on-the-spot treatment
  • Providing scalable models capable of integrating data from a variety of devices
  • Supporting post-treatment care and compliance

Using remote diagnostic devices for immediate treatment – We’ve long been a catalyst in this category. Our Patient Access products provide medical device connections that support all FDA requirements for active patient monitoring.

Scalable technology for integrating data from multiple devices – The InTouch Telehealth Network is a secure, scalable platform that reliably manages network performance to share patient data and clinical documentation from a variety of devices.

Post-treatment care coordination and compliance – You’ll find InTouch technology at every point in the care continuum, not just the ICU or physician office. Our solutions help coordinate post-treatment care in rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient imaging, home health and many other locations.

At InTouch, we don’t develop products and services in a vacuum. We listen to the input of telehealth visionaries so that our solutions meet changing clinical needs and help move the telehealth field forward.