Telemedicine Tops The List

December 29, 2014 by By InTouch Health

When the prestigious Cleveland Clinic unveils its “Top 10 Innovations” for the coming year, it’s like thumbing through a holiday catalog from Neiman Marcus. All those snazzy new products and technologies are bound to be on many hospitals’ wish list for 2015.

Some of the items on the Cleveland Clinic list sound like something you might one day order from SkyMall, including wireless pacemakers and totally pain-free diabetes blood tests. There are some that have instant commercial appeal (cholesterol-lowering injectables for people who can’t tolerate statins). And the #2 innovation on the list is noble and world-changing: a dengue fever vaccine.

But the innovation that ranks #1 (drum roll, please) is the mobile stroke unit – high-tech ambulances that use telemedicine to bring the ED directly to the patient on the scene.

That’s quite an honor when you consider that The Cleveland Clinic is virtually synonymous with “innovation” – and the list was created by more than 100 of its most celebrated physicians, scientists and visionaries. Reaching the top spot on this list is like winning a Nobel Prize and Oscar on the same night.

This proves that telemedicine is no longer an outlier in the U.S. healthcare system. It’s something that’s being touted as the top innovation for next year, outpacing new treatments for heart failure and pulmonary fibrosis.

It’s a real achievement to make this select list…and even sweeter when you rank #1!