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October 24, 2012 by InTouch Health

The first-ever WIRED Health Conference in New York last week was an ideal forum for spreading the word about the latest innovations in telestroke and teleICU programs. ITH’s Charlie Huiner spoke at the conference, along with Yulun Wang (via RP-VITA) from Santa Barbara.

You may be sick of that overused phrase “thought leader,” but that’s exactly the type of person this conference draws. Most of the attendees could have easily worn badges saying “guru” or “visionary.” So there’s no better place to change the hearts and minds of the world’s healthcare elite.

Yulun and Charlie shared the stage with some notable names like genomics pioneer Craig Venter and Harvard’s Nicholas Christakis. But their mission there was not to bask in the limelight but to amplify the conference theme: using realtime data to drive healthcare decision-making.

The InTouch presentation was something of a coming out party for RP-VITA, showcasing its environmental awareness capabilities. The ITH presenters noted that coordinated care at most hospitals remains elusive, and demonstrated how RP-VITA can help make it a reality.

Each year in the U.S., 100,000 lives are lost due to medical errors and miscommunication. By providing team-based care and easy documentation, RP-VITA can dramatically reduce those errors and missteps.

Conference attendees marveled at how RP-VITA can undock automatically and glide to a bedside on its own – all from a tap on an iPad. (Don’t forget that most of WIRED’s editors like Steven Levy are longtime fans of R2-D2.)

Thanks to the InTouch presentation, the WIRED world has a clearer understanding of how telestroke and teleICU programs can make healthcare decision-making faster, more accurate and less expensive. 

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