InTouch Health Physician Capacity Management Fill Gaps in Specialty Coverage

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Hospitals often find themselves challenged with ability to hire and retain specialists to deliver all the services that their patients require.

With the growing adoption of telehealth as an alternative to providing onsite specialty consults, Physician Service Organizations currently provide remote care across the United States. These services allow health systems to combat gaps in physician coverage, whether rural, community-based or urban. InTouch Health now completes the total telehealth solution with its Physician Services offering. Powered by the InTouch Telehealth Network, InTouch Physicians Services allows health
systems to increase access to high-quality care while incorporating
standardized clinical and telehealth best practices.

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Workflow and Process

With more than 14 years of telehealth experience, InTouch Health understands that any successful telehealth program demands strong clinical workflow and process. InTouch provides complete workflow processes, from call center to patient follow-up, to drive clinical best practices and to allow reliable and consistent clinical interactions – each and every time.

Physician Offering

InTouch currently offers three physician services to complement telehealth programs: stroke and neurology, behavioral health, and critical care. InTouch Physician Services allow hospitals and healthcare systems to:

  • Rapidly start or scale telehealth programs
  • Fill physician coverage gaps
  • Outsource physician telehealth credentialing & licensing management
  • Enhance recruiting and call panel design
  • Retain patients and grow market share
  • Meet the healthcare needs of communities and keep patients closer to home
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