InTouch Health Telehealth Network Tops 500,000 Consults

Company Expands Care Connections with iPhone App for Physician Access and Viewpoint Patient Access Software

Santa Barbara, CA, April 2, 2015 – InTouch Health achieved a major milestone surpassing 500,000 potentially life-saving telehealth consults over the InTouch Telehealth Network. “Our Telehealth Network and Services are now managing more than 130,000 clinical connections annually for over 1,200 hospital locations,” said Dr. Yulun Wang, Chairman and CEO, InTouch Health. “We are honored to have positively impacted the lives of patients and families all over the world.”

The Company is expanding its Telehealth Network and Services to help healthcare systems provide enterprise-wide care connections. InTouch Health today announced the addition of two new access solutions that allow doctors and patients to connect easily using consumer devices over its industry-leading Telehealth Network.

Viewpoint is patient access software that allows consumer devices such as tablets and laptops to be used with the InTouch Telehealth Network. Viewpoint provides healthcare systems with a scalable and affordable solution to expand its services across the patient care continuum.

“With mobile telehealth devices, we can now provide clinical services beyond hospitals into skilled nursing, long-term care, rehab, clinics and even a patient’s home,” said Dr. Christian Caicedo, Medical Director, West Shore Hospital, Pinnacle Health System. “Today’s incentives are rewarding providers to manage the transition care of patients from the hospital back to the community.”

InTouch also introduced a new iPhone App to allow more physicians to seamlessly access its Telehealth Network to deliver remote care. Doctors are now able to receive the same high-quality interactive experience expected from InTouch from the convenience of their phone.

About InTouch Health

InTouch Health provides technology-enabled services to healthcare organizations for the delivery of high-quality virtual care, anytime, anywhere. InTouch Health has helped more than 110 healthcare systems deploy telehealth programs across their enterprise, and into other sites of care, quickly and seamlessly using its industry-leading combination of professionals, processes and practices. The InTouch Telehealth Network provides users unmatched ease of use and diagnostic capabilities, proven reliability, FDA and HIPAA compliance, secure access control, and clinical and technical reporting.