InTouch Health Launches Multi-Presence™

Multiple physicians can now simultaneously collaborate during remote patient consults

Santa Barbara, CA, July 8, 2009 – InTouch Health®, the world leader in Remote Presence healthcare solutions, announced today the release of Multi-Presence™, a new clinical workflow software solution that expands its turnkey Remote Presence telehealth offering. Multi-Presence enables multiple physicians and healthcare specialists at different locations to simultaneously access the same Remote Presence consultation thereby allowing them to collaborate on patient care at anytime, from anywhere.

InTouch Health provides Remote Presence solutions that allow physicians to perform comprehensive real-time consults with hospital patients. Over one network and through a single interface, physicians can access a family of Remote Presence devices to provide care and expert collaboration across the entire continuum of healthcare, all delivered through a single backbone of SureConnect™ connectivity services and support.

“The addition of Multi-Presence capability to Remote Presence results in a formidable combination for remote consults,” said Dr. Paul M. Vespa, Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Director of Neurocritical Care at the Ronald Reagan University of California Los Angeles Medical Center. “Healthcare today is a collaborative effort. This new capability will allow teams of physicians to collaborate in real-time in the care of a single patient. The old saying that ‘Two heads are better than one’ rings true using modern technology.”

“Our launch of Multi-presence continues InTouch’s vision of developing technologies that are directed to solving today’s healthcare challenges, ” said Dr. Yulun Wang, Chairman and CEO of InTouch Health. “Multi-presence enables novel healthcare delivery paradigms by allowing new forms of multi-disciplinary collaboration that fundamentally improves the quality of care while reducing costs. With this product launch, and with valuable input from partners like Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and others, we are continuing our leadership position for innovating and bringing to market new standards of remote healthcare. ”

About InTouch Health

InTouch Health provides Remote Presence telehealth solutions that enable physicians to perform complete and real time consults with hospital patients. Through a single broadband network and computer interface, physicians can access a host of Remote Presence devices to provide and document care into emergency rooms, critical care units, patient wards, and operating rooms. Wherever access to medical expertise is limited, Remote Presence can effectively extend the physician’s reach to manage patient care, thereby removing critical time and distance barriers. With expertise available at a moment’s notice, Remote Presence enables innovative healthcare delivery models leading to improved quality of care, increased patient safety and satisfaction, and increased hospital revenues and savings.

The Company has more than 200 customers on 6 continents using Remote Presence for stroke care networks, multispecialty networks (cardiology, trauma, pediatrics, neonatology, etc.), critical care coverage, patient rounds, and surgical/procedure mentoring.