InTouch Health’s Remote Presence Robot Featured on the Hit TV Show “The Doctors”

Santa Barbara, CA, March 23, 2009 – InTouch Health®, the world leader in Remote Presence healthcare solutions, announced that the Remote Presence RP-7® Robot will be featured on today’s episode of the popular syndicated TV show “The Doctors”. In the segment, the four host doctors discuss the use of this innovative technology to provide remote specialist care into hospitals when doctors may not be readily available. Remote Presence is a next-generation telemedicine platform that combines the power of robotics, wireless communications, and the Internet to enable hospitals to bring the right physician expert to a patient’s bedside at the right time.

In a guest appearance, Dr. Herbert Rogove, board certified critical care physician and CEO, C30 Medical Group, discusses firsthand experience with providing remote patient care and medical consults using Remote Presence. Dr. Rogove’s practice includes providing remote critical care coverage at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital in Orange County, CA. Dr. Rogove expressed, “With this technology we can level the playing field for health care. Geographical limitations are no longer a barrier for patients; they are able to receive the best care wherever they live. Time is life, and with Remote Presence a specialist can be present with a doctor or nurse at a moment’s notice to provide an expert opinion.”

Taped in front of a live audience in Hollywood, “The Doctors” is the first daytime television show in which viewers have a source of reliable and fascinating medical and health advice, dispensed daily by a distinguished panel of “on-call” professionals. The team of doctors is comprised of four top practicing professionals, each with a different specialty – ER physician (and former ABC “Bachelor” in Paris) Dr. Travis Stork; obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Lisa Masterson; plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon; and pediatrician Dr. James Sears. For local listings of the show, go to

About InTouch Health

InTouch Health provides Remote Presence telehealth solutions that enable physicians to perform complete and real time consults with hospital patients. Through a single broadband network and computer interface, physicians can access a host of Remote Presence devices to provide and document care into emergency rooms, critical care units, patient wards, and operating rooms. Wherever access to medical expertise is limited, Remote Presence can effectively extend the physician’s reach to manage patient care, thereby removing critical time and distance barriers. With expertise available at a moment’s notice, Remote Presence enables innovative healthcare delivery models leading to improved quality of care, increased patient safety and satisfaction, and increased hospital revenues and savings.

The Company has more than 200 customers using Remote Presence for stroke care networks, multispecialty networks (cardiology, trauma, pediatrics, neonatology, etc.), critical care coverage, patient rounds, and surgical/procedure mentoring.