InTouch Technologies Announces Settlement Agreement Regarding US Patent Dispute

Santa Barbara, CA, April 8, 2009 – InTouch Technologies®, Inc. the world leader in Remote Presence robotic solutions, today announced that it has settled its ongoing legal disputes with HeadThere Inc. relating to HeadThere’s robotic videoconferencing technology. Pursuant to the agreement entered into between the two parties, HeadThere has agreed to cease its alleged infringing activities, including the direct or indirect, manufacturing, advertising, promotion or conducting of Sales or offering for Sale of any products or services incorporating a video conferencing robot that enables remote presence and communication, in the United States. Under terms of the agreement, the parties have agreed to release litigation activities and counterclaims against each other without prejudice. Furthermore, the parties have agreed to release each other from liability related to the litigation activities and counterclaims, conditioned upon the parties’ compliance to the settlement obligations.

As part of the settlement, InTouch has granted HeadThere a limited license to certain of its U.S. patents to allow HeadThere to develop and manufacture prototype products that upon completion will be available for sale outside of the United States.

About InTouch Technologies

InTouch Technologies Inc., under its operating subsidiary InTouch Health®, provides Remote Presence telehealth solutions that enable physicians to perform complete and real time consults with hospital patients. Through a single broadband network and computer interface, physicians can access a host of Remote Presence devices to provide and document care into emergency rooms, critical care units, patient wards, and operating rooms. Wherever access to medical expertise is limited, Remote Presence can effectively extend the physician’s reach to manage patient care, thereby removing critical time and distance barriers. With expertise available at a moment’s notice, Remote Presence enables innovative healthcare delivery models leading to improved quality of care, increased patient safety and satisfaction, and increased hospital revenues and savings.

The Company has more than 200 customers using Remote Presence for stroke care networks, multispecialty networks (cardiology, trauma, pediatrics, neonatology, etc.), critical care coverage, patient rounds, and surgical/procedure mentoring.