InTouch Health's telehealth network and services can expand access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient, at any time, while reducing overall cost of care....

  • 1600 locations
  • 130Health Systems
  • 30+ Use Cases
  • ANY Environment


InTouch Health’s mission is to provide a Telehealth Network and Services to support access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient at any time, while reducing overall costs of care. Our senior management and staff are devoted to leveraging their combined experience in telemedicine, telecommunications, healthcare products and services, and robotics to assist health systems to deploy telehealth programs quickly and seamlessly.

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Technology Enabled Services

Telehealth is emerging as one of the most effective solutions to transform the healthcare space that delivers significant specialist efficiency gains, improved patient access, faster response times, and more episodes of care across the continuum of care, resulting in higher revenue, better clinical outcomes, lower risks, and lower costs.

InTouch Health’s global cloud-based Telehealth Network supports over 200,000 annual physician encounters with connections to more than 1,500 patient access locations, growing at a rate of one hospital per day.

InTouch Health is evolving its business model from “acute care clinical services” focus to an enterprise “care-anywhere” model by offering a complete portfolio of software, hardware, connectivity, and services that meets all telehealth needs.

The InTouch Telehealth Network enables healthcare systems to deploy telehealth services across their own enterprise and other patient access locations while providing users:

  • Care connections anywhere
  • Proven reliability
  • Clinical workflow support
  • Healthcare compliance
  •  Business intelligence

InTouch Health provides a number of clinically designed FDA-cleared devices to support acute care services. In addition, InTouch Health now offers purpose built devices for lower acuity care settings allowing health systems to truly scale telehealth across an enterprise. 


InTouch Health's senior management team and board of directors believe that telehealth has the potential to reform and transform the industry. We are dedicated to enabling healthcare systems to leverage their vast clinical resources and expertise, expand access to care, increase quality and patient satisfaction.


InTouch Health has the benefit of a talented and accomplished advisory board that contribute their experience and talents in business, strategy, applications, clinical, scientific, and technical areas, to assist us to further advance our mission and vision.

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