What is Telestroke?

Telestroke has become one of the most successful uses of telemedicine to date, allowing stroke experts to provide consultations with patients located at hospitals that lack access to expert opinions. This access to clinical expertise provides the ability for hospitals to more rapidly and appropriately diagnose and treat stroke patients by providing access to advanced surgical therapies and medications such as IV tPA (a clot busting drug for acute ischemic strokes).

The American Heart Association / American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) has listed telestroke as a Class II Recommendation, stating that “Implementation of telestroke consultation in conjunction with stroke education and training for healthcare providers can be useful in increasing the use of IV rtPA at community hospitals without access to adequate onsite stroke expertise.”1

Additionally, in November, 2016, the AHA/ASA released a Scientific Statement providing recommendations on how telestroke programs should be measured for quality and outcomes.

InTouch Telestroke Solution

InTouch Health is the leader in telestroke services. We partner with our customers to develop programs that allow them to extend their clinical reach and provide stroke coverage to their regions to improve outcomes and access to care.

InTouch Health has worked with our partners to develop more than 115 “hub and spoke” networks across the United States. These networks serve more than 750 hospitals, providing much needed specialty stroke care to their communities.

Our comprehensive telestroke solution has set the standard in the telehealth community. We incorporate three core elements to meet the demands of a telestroke program.

1. Best-in-class connectivity and telemedicine technology through our InTouch Telehealth Network to ensure physicians can appropriately assess patients and provide the response time required for a high-acuity consultation.

2. Real-time access to imaging, with no need to transfer large files, through InTouch PACS Viewer.

3. Complete remote documentation system with our InTouch Clinical Apps platform, creating a single unified system to overcome the challenges of accessing multiple EMRs across a customer’s regional telestroke program.


In using our industry leading platform, customers have achieved significant results. Customers have reported increased tPA delivery from three-five% to 20% and higher. Increased tPA delivery for stroke has been shown to have a financial benefit and saves “$6,074 and add 0.75 quality-adjust life years per use” (Stroke, The Economic Case for New Stroke Thrombolytics, 2010). These results have been achieved by implementing a telestroke solution that is both reliable and easy to use, which allows immediate access to stroke specialists when and where they are needed most.

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