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Hospital Materno Perinatal "Mónica Pretelini"
Published in Cover Story of ICU Management

Telepresence Using Robots in Acute Care Facilities

In the most recent issue of ICU Management one of InTouch Health's international customers, Hospital Materno Perinatal "Mónica Pretelini", is featured as the cover story on the use of Telepresence to provide high-quality care to remote critically ill patients. The initial study in 2009 involved 5 hospitals ranging from 60km to 180km away from the hub hospital located in the state capital Toluca, Mexico.

The goal of the Telepresence program was to provide expertise to those hospitals lacking 24/7 intensivist coverage. The program set out to support 9 main acute care processes at each of the 5 outlying hospitals:
  1. Patient rounds at acute care facilities
  2. High-risk pregnancy
  3. Advanced trauma life support
  4. Advanced cardiac life support
  5. Neurovascular disease
  6. Rapid response team
  7. Pediatric patients with severe burns
  8. Coordination of air transportation
  9. Influenza H1 N1
165 interventions took place during the 5-month study, wherein 73% of the cases were categorized as Influenza H1 N1 and Patient Rounds. Those who participated in the study (medical staff, patients and their families) accepted the use of Telepresence and the RP-7i® Robot, and were comfortable with the expertise that was offered during the interactions.

Dr. Gilberto Filipe Vazquez de Anda, MD, PhD, and Antonio Chemor Ruiz, MSc, will be presenting their findings of this study at InTouch Health's Fifth Annual Remote Presence Clinical Innovations Forum in Santa Barbara, CA, July 22 - 24.

To download the Spring Issue of ICU Management, please visit www.icu-management.org.