Remote Presence Clinical Innovations Forum July 23-25, 2014

RPCIF in Retrospect

Each year, InTouch Health takes Remote Presence Telemedicine further at its annual user’s conference, and this year's event, held July 23-25 in Santa Barbara, CA, was no exception. Highlighted by a Keynote Address from John Glaser, PhD and CEO of the Health Services Business Unit at Siemens Healthcare, the healthcare innovators who attended were exposed to the latest information regarding a wide range of telemedicine-related topics through highly interactive presentations by clinical and industry experts.


Sponsors of the 2014 Forum

August 18, 2014

Convenience Is King

For a growing number of Americans, remote consultations are actually the preference, not the back-up plan.

August 4, 2014

The Numbers Are Convincing

One CEO shows how any critical access hospital can cost-justify a telemedicine program.