RP-VITA Remote Presence Robot

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The RP-VITA® robot was designed to transform the delivery of acute care by expanding the use of remote consults and increasing workflow efficiency. Developed by InTouch Health and iRobot, RP-VITA eliminates the need for telemedicine specific staffing and support with an array of intuitive, easy-to-use features that encourage physician adoption and clinical use.

  • AutoDRIVE capabilities allow RP-VITA to safely navigate and travel to selected destinations without requiring user guidance
  • ControlStation App for iPad® enables fast and easy access and control from anywhere
  • Cloud-based, SureCONNECT® infrastructure maintains reliable connections under highly variable network conditions
  • FDA clearance and HIPAA compliance assure safe and effective consults in high-acuity clinical environments
  • Scalable and upgradeable remote presence platform protects customer investment in telemedicine technology

Tomorrow's Healthcare Made Possible Today

See how RP-VITA will revolutionize healthcare delivery both now and in the future.

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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